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Becoming a mentee

Mentees in the Womentor programme are selected by their employer because they are successful female leaders – with at least one position as a first-line manager – who wish to continue in a management career, have great potential for development as a manager and have good opportunities to achieve even higher leadership positions!

As a Womentor mentee you will be strengthened in your leadership role by:

  • A carefully selected personal mentor
  • Leadership training and inspiration
  • A broad network of fellow Womentor participants

The one-year Womentor programme for mentees will cover:

  • Introduction: Two full days that provide you with useful tools and the necessary preconditions for a successful mentorship.
  • Mentorship discussions: Two hours each month.
  • Themed meetings: Three full day seminars focusing on motivation, communication, vision and values.
  • Project work: Mentees will work together on a joint project over the course of the year, with the primary objective of reinforcing the network bond through shared activities but also to allow the participating companies to benefit from the results.
  • Conclusion: A one day gathering to sum up experiences, report on project work, look forward, evaluate and attend inspirational lectures.

Expectations of you as a mentee

  • Attendance at the introduction, themed and concluding meetings.
  • Active participation in project work together with other mentees.
  • Active engagement in the mentorship relationship and responsibility in seeing that mentorship discussions take place.

What does the mentor relationship entail?

Mentorship is a professional relationship in which the mentor shares their experience and knowledge with the mentee. The relationship is built on mutual sharing and respect and with discussion as its platform. A close and educational mentor relationship is built on an active dialogue in which the mentee is transparent and open about their needs and the mentor is responsive and willing to share their experience.