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Becoming a mentor

Womentor mentors have long and extensive managerial experience and a great desire to share the accumulated knowledge this has given them. In the majority of cases they will be part of corporate or company management groups and are carefully selected. In order to ensure the best possible match with mentees, each company selects two mentor candidates for each mentee.

Being a mentor provides you with:

  • Insight, into how an industry colleague thinks and reasons while at the same time you are able to reflect on your own experiences and life lessons – in challenging the mentee’s ideas and contributing to their development through analytical discussion.
  • Knowledge, about mentorship as a tool and form of rewarding professional relationship.
  • Replenishment and inspiration, regarding your own leadership.
  • An extended network, of successful leaders within the industry.

As a mentor you are expected to:

  • Actively engage in the mentor relationship, through mentor discussions with your mentee – two hours each month throughout the year.
  • Participate in the introduction, half-time and concluding meetings.

What does the mentor relationship entail?

Mentorship is a professional relationship in which the mentor shares their experience and knowledge with the mentee. The relationship is built on mutual sharing and respect and with discussion as its platform. A close and educational mentor relationship is built on an active dialogue in which the mentee is transparent and open about their needs and the mentor is responsive and willing to share their experience.